Loving You, Music, and Alcohol: An “I’m Drunk, I Love You” Review

“I know boy-girl friendships can be quite complicated sometimes”
–Alex, from “Love, Rosie” (2014)

I have fallen in love with “Love, Rosie” since the moment I finished watching it. Alex and Rosie had been friends since childhood, but in secret, they harbored romantic feelings for one another. Their relationship was one hell of a roller coaster ride, and the movie kept me screaming “Please, just be together!” Fortunately, in the end, the director/screenwriter seemed to have heard my emotional pleas, and the two ended up together, happily ever after.

But what if only one of them had romantic feelings for the other? What if the other does not see her the way she sees him? Ahhh, that is absolutely worse, and that is the theme that “I’m Drunk, I Love You” dared to delve into.

Taken from IDILY’s Facebook page

“I’m Drunk, I Love You” (IDILY) is a Filipino indie film by JP Habac, and produced by TBA (Tuko Film Productions, Buchi Boy Entertainment, and Artikulo Uno Productions). It tells the story of two best friends, Carson (played by Maja Salvador) and Dio (Paulo Avelino). The two have known each other for seven years in college. Despite having different majors, they have fallen in love with the same thing – music. They went on gigs together, using music as their language of expression. However, music was not the only thing Carson had fallen in love with. She had feelings for Dio as well, and she had them for seven long years.

Finally, after two years of delay, they are going to graduate from college. A few nights before their commencement ceremony, Dio invites Carson to a music festival in La Union. Carson, accompanied by her sidekick, Jason (Dominic Roco), goes with him.

Whilst in a drinking session with Jason, Carson recounts all the stupid things she did for love in those seven years. She also plans to tell Dio of her feelings on or before her graduation, just before they part ways for good. However, Dio meets a girl named Pathy (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) who makes Carson jealous.

Things go downhill for Carson as Dio seems to be choosing Pathy over her. Will Carson be able to honestly confess her feelings to Dio despite Pathy blocking her way? Or will she forever hold her peace? Will she be able to find her fairy tale ending?

I am not a big fan of Filipino movies but I do watch some that are highly recommended, and IDILY was one of them. A friend of mine suggested that I watch the film, and I did so with some of my workmates. True enough, this movie is one of those very few praiseworthy Filipino motion pictures.

What I liked most about this movie is its use of original Filipino songs with poetic verses (side note: I am equally not a big fan of Filipino music as well, sorry, except for a few songs though). The director, Mr. Habac, has a thing for musicals, and that was the reason why he chose to feature Filipino music in his film. Carson and Dio’s stripped off duet of Jimmy Bondoc’s “Hanggang Dito Na Lang” was downright heartbreaking. All the other songs were perfect for the film as well, and the soundtrack is something you will undoubtedly have LSS (Last Song Syndrome) on. I have to say though that Maja Salvador is really not a singer. Sorry. Paulo Avelino was a bit okay though.

I also loved the idea of using alcohol consumption as plot mechanism as it strikes true to the Filipino drinking culture. It is common for friends to go on nights drinking to have fun and to forget about problems as well, and there are times when people just get too intoxicated and they spill out their deepest and darkest secrets. Indeed, this is not your typical rom-com film. I have to salute Mr. Habac and Giancarlo Abraham for writing this film’s funny yet heart-rending story.

Overall, “I’m  Drunk, I Love You” is a simple film, yet its plot is fully loaded with feelings and booze. “Love, Rosie” was a fairy tale, IDILY was not with its bittersweet conclusion. Sure enough, there are times when you have to drink the fact that it is better to cherish your friendship with another than to be lovers with that person. Sad as it may be, romance is definitely not everything. Love can be found in friendship, and that kind of love can be special.

Aww, let us just drink to that, shall we, and to this another spectacular Filipino film!


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