Santa Cruz goes Riverdale

Once, I was browsing through my Facebook news feed and chanced upon a photo of a popular convenience store at night. The image had striking, surreal tones, ranging from aqua to red violet. Later on, I found out that the shot was inspired by the hit TV series Riverdale [which I have not started to watch yet]. Encouraged by the picture, I decided to try recreating it in my hometown, Santa Cruz, Zambales.


Spontaneous Summer Splash: A Saturday at Dawal

The heat of summer is now on. It is so hot that even a shower would not do. I needed something more – a day at the beach, perhaps. Fortunately, with the recent long weekend holiday, I was able to go home and get myself a quick splash at Dawal Beach Resort, Candelaria, Zambales on 15 April 2017.

A ‘Prusisyon ng Santo Bangkay’ and its starrers

During Good Friday, Filipino Catholics hold the procession of Christ’s remains in an ornate casket, together with key personalities present during His Passion. For years, I have wondered who many of them where, and why they were included in this Lenten ritual. I did some research to answer my own inquiries, and here are my discoveries, coupled with some of my Catholic knowledge.

The pen writes in gold: Purple Gazette at 50

Purple Gazette celebrates its golden anniversary exactly today – 22 April 2017. I am happy and proud to have become a member of the publication team. Being part of the PG family was probably one of the best things that happened to me in college. Read on for a trip down memory lane.

Retelling a tale as old as time in this modern era: A Beauty and the Beast (2017) Film Review

We have come to an age when re-imagining classic Disney animated masterpieces into live-action films is a trend; and after Maleficent, Cinderella and The Jungle Book, it is now the turn of Beauty and the Beast to be remade. The 2017 recreation of the animated, romantic, musical fairytale was a harmony of vibrant colors and vivacious melodies. Co-produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Mandeville Films, the Bill Condon version does not delve too far from the brilliant original, but it still feels new and refreshing. With an ensemble cast composed of Emma Watson as Belle, and Dan Stevens as Prince Adam/the Beast among others, the movie has proved to be a global phenomenon.