Santa Cruz goes Riverdale

Once, I was browsing through my Facebook news feed and chanced upon a photo of a popular convenience store at night.  The image had striking, surreal tones, ranging from aqua to red violet. Later on, I found out that the shot was inspired by the hit TV series Riverdale [which I have not started to watch yet]. Encouraged by the picture, I decided to try recreating it in my hometown, Santa Cruz, Zambales.

I have recently purchased a Canon EOS M3, and am still in the process of learning how to maximize the mirror-less camera’s potential.  Yet, I decided to try my luck and give the Riverdale-night-photography a shot.

Santa Cruz is a first-class municipality in the northernmost tip of Zambales. There are only a few commercial establishments open at night as it is still a rural area. Thus, taking landscape shots after sundown is quite the challenge. I need varying light sources so that I could play with their hues in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Nevertheless, I think that I have made a few good captures, and I am sharing them with you:

A trip around town on-board a tricycle
That popular convenience store franchise
A splash of aqua from a different angle

I am still trying to step up my photography game, and this has been one good practice. I will probably try doing this again in an urban setting, and see what the results will be. But before that, I think I should start watching Riverdale first, and catch up with this new trend.

More photos here:


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