Wish your mom all the best with these cool greeting cards

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. There’s only about a week left before mom’s special day. As the celebration comes nearer, bookstores have already over-stocked their shelves with all the greeting cards they could offer. Probably, you’ll be heading to one of those shops soon.

But, why settle for commercially-made greeting cards when you can have one customized as to your liking?

Just very recently, a very good friend of mine asked me to craft three different Mother’s Day cards, and here are what I came up with:

Three personalized, hand-made greeting cards

These cards are all made by hand using brush and ink on premium oil & acrylic paper. Each carries its own design and motif to make every card as unique as possible. One of them even had the name of the intended recipient of the card!

Loose floral border design painted using pigmented India Ink

With hand-made and personalized greeting cards just like these, you will be able to express how special and exceptional your mom is.
Make her day great by giving her a customized greeting card. Just beam me up through Facebook, Instagram or e-mail (earl.mantes@yahoo.com). You can also head on to the Contact page of this blog. Tell me what you have in mind, and I’ll see what I can do about it.

I also do card designs in various sizes for different occasions. Message me, and let’s talk about your ideas.

Have all of your “get well soon” messages compiled into one over-sized greeting card just like this.

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