Work, work, go away: chilling at Eagle Point Resort

Stress has reigned in the atmosphere at work for so long. Laboratory activities and paper works have been piling up non-stop. All of us obviously needed a breather. Hence, our team building activity has become one of the most highly anticipated events in our department. This year, we had the great opportunity to hold it at Eagle Point Resort in Mabini, Batangas from August 2 to 4, 2017.

We departed from Alabang, Muntinlupa City after lunch, aboard a tourist bus. Moderate to heavy traffic greeted us the moment we exited the toll way. It was indeed a long and arduous drive. Thus, the moment we arrived – just a few minutes before dark – we immediately settled in our respective rooms to get some rest.

I was assigned to a room situated on the third level of Eagle Point’s newest facility – the Terrace Hotel. My suite was spacious, and was adorned in soft and warm yellows and browns. What I loved most about my Mediterranean-inspired room is its seaside balcony. Although climbing to the third floor was a bit of an exercise, the grandiose view of Balayan Bay that the terrace offered is enough compensation.

The Terrace Hotel welcomes the fresh morning sea breeze. Photo (c) Eddie Sistoso, Jr.

Our dinner, as well as our succeeding meals, was served at the Eagle’s Nest Bar and Restaurant. This place is a total wow. It was really expansive, and also overlooked the vast bay. The food was overall sumptuous and delectable, and you may eat it while enjoying the calming vista and the fresh breeze.

Eagle’s Nest is a wonder of architecture. Photo (c) Eddie Sistoso, Jr.

On our first night, we decided to take a dip at the resort’s Double-Level Swimming Pool. The upper pool was about three feet in depth, and was connected by a slide to the four feet-deep bottom pool. Indeed, the pools were very friendly to people like me who never learned how to swim. Haha! Anyway, my colleagues did their best to teach me how to float but to no avail. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed night swimming despite the occasional drizzles.

Night swimming rocks! Photo (c) Verge Vidal

In the ensuing morning, we had the chance to see one of Eagle Point’s staff feed the baby sharks and other marine life at the resort’s Reef Pool. It was undoubtedly a spectacular sight although the fish seemed to ignore most of the food being given to them.

Brekky time.

We were supposed to head to Sepoc Island next, but the rough seas brought about by the seemingly bad weather did not permit us to do so. This was supposed to be the highlight of our team building activity. We were looking forward to the island’s fine sand as the mainland’s shores were too rocky for swimming. Fortunately, the Eagle Point staff prepared some outdoor activities. I opted not to participate in any of the games though, and just document the whole event through my camera’s lens.

The afternoon was chill. I used it to finish editing the videos that will be presented in the upcoming socialization night. Once they were all rendered, I decided to take a siesta. A few minutes before sunset, my friend convinced me to borrow a snorkel, and take a plunge into the Reef Pool so that I could see the tiny sharks and other fish up close. Since I really do not know how to swim, I clung to the pool’s walls while being assisted by my friend. Too bad, the walls were covered with sharp shells, and I scraped my toes and knee a couple of times. Thank the heavens that the sharks were not attracted to my blood. Well, I do not know if the blood-attracts-sharks thingy is even true.

Before the socials, we had the chance to play table tennis at the resort’s Game Room. There was also a billiards table. It was entertaining to play ping pong, but I wish that the Eagle Point management would invest on their gaming equipment since some of them were either lacking or damaged. Moreover, it was really hot in the gaming room since the wall blocked the cool wind coming from the ocean. Thus, we were already sweating even if we just began to play.

Finally, the night everyone was waiting for has arrived. We opened our socialization activity with a prayer and tribute to our beloved Mrs. Cristina Castillo-Villarico, former head of our unit. Then, I presented a slideshow and montage of last year’s team building activity at Ten Cents to Heaven in Tanay, Rizal, as well as the same-day edit video of the day’s happenings. This was followed by group presentations from the units that had the chance to practice. Our unit decided not to perform this year since we just lost someone dear to us.


The night was capped off with a videoke sing-out. Sadly, at around eleven o’clock, we were told by one of the resort’s staff to stop since we may be disturbing other guests. Sigh. I never had the chance to sing by battle song – My Chemical Romance’s Welcome to the Black Parade.

The following day, we were still unable to go to Sepoc Island and even ride banana boats. Hence, we just settled with having one final dip at the pool. Then, we donned on our team building shirts and had our group photos taken. At noon, it was time for lunch and also for our departure.

The obligatory group photo. Photo (c) Verge Vidal

Our team building activity at Eagle Point Resort was certainly relaxing. Even if it was saddening that some of the activities did not push through, at least we had all the time to chill and do whatever our hearts desired. Plus, the food was mouth-watering, and the scenery was jaw-dropping. Leaving the place was truly heartbreaking [LOL].

Gosh, I already miss the pool and the free swimming lessons. Well, I guess I’ll have to wait another year for our next team building activity!

More groufies and other shots from my phone (sadly, I wasn’t able to take many photos as I was busy catching the happenings on film):

Posted by Earl Christian Mantes on Friday, August 4, 2017




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