Beating the stigma with love: A ‘Ghost of a Feeling’ cover reveal

Society is still undeniably plagued with a stigma on the topic of suicide. Here in the Philippines alone, suicide, along with other mental health issues, continue to be regarded as petty topics by many. In an effort to combat the social stigma, September has been declared as Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. During which, mental health advocates and other people concerned exert their efforts in raising general consciousness on this pressing matter, reaching out to those affected by suicides, and helping those with suicidal thoughts in finding the meaning and purpose of life.

Just in time before this month ends, a friend of mine, Dr. Celestine Trinidad, has revealed the cover for her upcoming book, “Ghost of a Feeling; and I am very much excited to share it with you:

This amazing book cover was designed by Miles Tan.

Here’s the blurb of the story:

All Cris Villareal had ever dreamed of was becoming a doctor. But after the death of a patient under her care and the subsequent humiliation she suffers under a senior resident in her hospital, she begins to lose faith in herself. And no one else could understand her and her despair.
So one Halloween night, up on the rooftop of her apartment building, she decides to end it all.
She is stopped from jumping by Emilio, the ghost of a young man who haunts her building, who also committed suicide there many years ago. Eventually, Cris finds herself opening up to him, in a way she had never before, with anyone living or dead.
There is only one problem.
Emilio isn’t really a ghost.
He is actually a living young man named Nathan Morales, and Cris was just one of the unwitting victims in a prank he had once played on the tenants of her apartment. But being Emilio was the only way he could think of to stop her that night, and the only way now he could get her to open up to him. As Emilio, he was someone she could trust enough to help her, in a way Nathan himself never could.
As their relationship grows deeper and their feelings grow stronger each day, can he finally help her find a reason to keep living?
But how long can he keep lying to her?

Release dates: 31 October 2017 (e-book); 2018 (print)
Add the book on your Goodreads “Want to Read” library.

Honestly, I am highly anticipating the release of Dr. Trinidad’s newest masterpiece especially that, according to her, this contemporary romance fiction tackles issues that are very close to her heart. Hopefully, a lot of people will enjoy reading Ghost of a Feeling”, and it will be able to reach out to many, and enlighten them regarding depression, suicide, and mental health in general.

18403004_10154492794731863_4118643278212972233_nDr. Trinidad is a pathologist by profession with a passion for writing fiction across a broad spectrum of genres. Many of her works have been published online and in print. She has received multiple recognition for her works, including a Carlos Palanca Memorial Award, and 3rd prize in the Nick Joaquin Literary Awards. You may follow her on WordPress, and read some of her stories there.


I (upper row, left), and my fellow University Santo Tomas Hospital medical technology interns, with Dr. Celestine Trinidad (bottom righton a Shakey’s dinner on November 2014.

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