One-on-one: A ‘Starbucks PH Cream Frappuccinos’ review

As the summer season came to its official end earlier this year, Starbucks Philippines decided to axe its flop mango-flavored beverage, and remove it from its menu after just being introduced. Well, why not? When I tried to taste-test it, I thought I would be getting myself a refreshing drink, but heavens, no. It tasted awful and fake. What a shame to the Sweet Elena mangoes of Zambales. Yuck!

Fortunately, the café chain replaced it with two new frappes that looked promising, both of which featuring good ol’ creamy goodness – the Milk Tea Panna Cotta, and Pistachio Bon Bon Cream Frappuccinos.

Milk Tea Panna Cotta Cream Frappuccino

Milk Tea Panna Cotta Cream Frappuccino
5 over 5 stars

Being the die-hard milk tea fan that I am, I was easily enticed to try out Starbucks PH’s Milk Tea Panna Cotta Cream Frappuccino. The moment the ice-blended beverage soaked my ravishing taste buds, I immediately tasted bliss. This drink is plain perfect!

The base is made of smooth panna cotta which suits the creamy-slash-milky black tea beverage. I always loved black tea (shout out to Earl Grey), and having it as milk tea with pudding. Hence, this frappe fits my bill flawlessly! Plus, the taste of milk tea is unmistakable. Indeed, I have nothing against its splendid flavor.

Pistachio Bon Bon Cream Frappuccino

Pistachio Bon Bon Cream Frappuccino
3 over 5 stars.

For those of you who love pistachio nuts, Starbucks PH promises that the Pistachio Bon Bon Cream Frappuccino would be your dream-beverage-come-true. Sadly, promises are meant to be broken.

I had a hard time trying to have a taste of the pistachio flavor. It is just not too rich that I can hardly distinguish it at all! Actually, you would not be tasting real pistachio until your straw hits the whipped cream on top which has been sprinkled with bits of the nut, and some waffle crumbles. The chocolate sauce also did not do the drink good. I do not know why, but I feel it just did not blend all too well with the overall flavor. This frappe is definitely not my beverage.

Starbucks Philippines

So between the two Cream Frappuccinos of Starbucks Philippines, I will have to give it to the Milk Tea Panna Cotta corner. Its authentic taste is stark contrast to that of its Pistachio Bon Bon twin. The former tastes genuine, but the latter does not so well.

Anyway, Starbucks Philippines has launched yesterday two more ice-blended beverages to join the Cream Frappuccino family – Mocha Chocolate Chip Panna Cotta, and Pink Strawberry Panna Cotta. Seems like they also realized how amazing panna cotta is! Well, one thing is for sure – I will be trying these out soon, and find out if any of the two newest contenders can topple Milk Tea Panna Cotta from its throne.

Until then, enjoy having a sip of your Milk Tea Panna Cotta Cream Frappuccino; and stay away, if you can, from its evil brother, Pistachio Bon Bon.


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