Burned to the ground: A ‘Skyscraper’ film review


3.99 over 5 stars.

When your family is trapped somewhere near the 100th floor of a burning building, who are you going to call?

The Rock.

Indeed, Dwayne Johnson has proven his knack for action-thrillers. Remember San Andreas, Rampage, and of course, The Fast and the Furious franchise? Well, here he goes again with another movie of this genre – Skyscraper (seriously though, are we still not getting sick of seeing him in this kind of films all the time?).

In Skyscraper, Will Sawyer is an ex-FBI agent-slash-team leader who, after one tragic rescue operation, got one of his legs amputated. He then shifts careers, and becomes some sort of security systems analyst for buildings.

Will has been commissioned to assess The Pearl, the fictional world’s tallest skyscraper. Situated in the bustling heart of Hong Kong, this wonder of architecture stands tall and proud at 240 stories high, putting Burj Khalifa to shame. Imagine the vertigo it would induce if you were looking at the streets from the rooftop!

After Will advises the owner of The Pearl that it is now safe to open its residential suites located in the upper half of the building, he is given a tablet which only he can access through a state-of-the-art facial recognition software (though I think many smartphones have this feature already). This tablet lets Will control every security feature of The Pearl with a tap of his finger, regardless wherever he may be.

Will discusses his assessment of The Pearl‘s security measures. Screencap from the trailer.

Little did he know that he was just being used so that the bad guys can get their dirty hands on this precious tablet. Soon, the 96th floor of The Pearl is set on fire whilst the building’s extinguishing system is turned offline. This blocks access and rescue attempts to floors above the fire line. Well, there are actually a very few number of people there anyway. First, there is The Pearl’s owner, together with his team. Then, there is Will’s family.

Yeah, you got that right. Sarah (played by Neve Campbell), Will’s wife, and Georgia and Henry, their two kids, were given a complimentary staycation at The Pearl. Now, Will has to brave the inferno to save his family amidst all odds. Oh, I forgot to tell you, he has been framed for this arson. Well, best of luck, Will!

The Physics-defying leap of faith. Screencap from the trailer.

Anyway, what else can The Rock not do? We have seen him do countless rescue ops, and this one seems like another piece of cake for him. He is undoubtedly a perfect fit for this genre. But perhaps, we all deserve some sort of break from this films featuring Johnson, or else we will all tire seeing him do these thrilling action scenes. Give him a Kitkat, people!

What is sad about this movie though is that it somehow feels like a Die Hard rip-off. Actually, it is like a played down version of the classic action-thriller, as if its raging flames of adrenaline rush were doused to create Skyscraper. It was as if this Rawson Marshall Thurber film were a Die Hard film dressed for a family audience.

Also, there are no other remarkable characters in the film aside from Will. I expected to see some badass villains to counter The Rock, but there were none. I can hardly believe that the bad guys were able to plan this crime, and execute it efficiently because I just did not feel them. They were like hikers lost in the woods or something. I do not know, they just seemed out-of-place for me.

Film Score Board_Skyscraper.jpg
Story: 3.63/5 stars | Sights: 4.10/5 stars | Sounds: 4.00/5 stars | Starrers: 4.25/5 stars

Still, the story itself was smooth, and entertaining to watch. Truly, if you just wish to go to the movie theaters after a long week to destress, then Skyscraper is something you should consider watching. But I think this 2018 action movie will never burn down to be one of the greatest films of its genre in history. Well, for one, if you long for some hard-hitting action, I recommend that you watch the classic Die Hard instead.

Will’s wise words for his son, George.





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