Gastro chilling: Mango Float, and other top eats at ‘Mayflower, Greenfield’

For weeks now, there has been a frenzy on Facebook over a certain ice-cold beverage made of fresh, sweet mangoes. It seems that even though summer is officially over, Manileños are still craving for one last hurrah through this tropical fruit drink. Well, who would ever turn down some sugary mangoes? Not me!

The beverage under the spotlight is from Mango Float Supreme Manila – a drink stall currently situated in Mayflower Parking Lot, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City. Based on social media posts, this concoction is proving to be a blockbuster hit, with a queue of customers competing against that for the Metro Rail Transit. Truly, this is indeed one hell of a craze!

Would you dare fall in line for an hour or two for a cup of this thirst quencher? Needless to say, I decided to go and find out for myself.

Mayflower, Greenfield District
The moment the clock struck four in the afternoon, Mayflower Parking Lot in Greenfield District is transformed into a go-to place for foodies in the city.

Food parks are gaining popularity here and outside the Metro. Just look at Mercato Centrale in Bonifacio Global City! With more and more millennials and young professionals wanting to chill while eating good food, the food park business is becoming a big bang. Hence, it is probably no wonder why one food park sprouted on a parking lot along Mayflower Street in Greenfield District. In the hustle and bustle of EDSA – Shaw, the place is really a gold mine for food ventures.

I went early on Sunday afternoon to avoid the extensively long line for the crazed-about Mango Float Supreme. Fortunately, it was good timing when I arrived as the queue was still pretty short. However, the food park still seemed lifeless as people were just beginning to set up their respective stalls. Actually, Mango Float Supreme Manila was probably one of the early-birds to begin serving customers.

Anyway, let me save my review for that later. Why do we not head first to some eats, eh?

Savory Sausages at The Cut

The Cut
Cheesy and spicy Hungarian sausages are The Cut’s specialty. They also offer an all-meat platter with belly bacon and sweet glazed ham.

Although the line for Mango Float Supreme Manila was not that long, it was still slow-moving. What was worse was that I was already famished when I set foot on Mayflower, Greenfield District. Thus, I decided to leave the queue for a second, and look for something to chow down.

As I casually strolled along the line of food stalls, I chanced upon The Cut. The stall’s display of Hungarian sausages surely made my mouth water. They all looked yummy! So, I had myself a Cheesy Hungarian Sausage Sandwich.

Cheesy Hungarian Sausages
The Cut’s Cheesy Hungarian Sausages: 3.75/5 stars

The sausage itself was good, however it seemed to lack some kick. I probably should have had the spicy one. Also, the bread tasted as if it was bought in the nearby panaderia. Still, the half-foot-long satisfied my grumbling stomach.

Death-inducing Dynamites at Cheesy Stuff

Cheesy Stuff
Cheesy Stuff is the go-to stall for finger food like dynamites, nachos and cheese sticks.

Next, I wanted to try some finger food. That was when I chanced upon Cheesy Stuff. They offer a variety of munchies – nachos, cheese sticks, and dynamites. Plus, they also have some sausages! I probably should have tried theirs too, but I already ate a sandwich from The Cut.

Anyway, I had one order of Dynamites. What really enticed me to buy this food was the fact that it seemed stocky compared to the ordinary dynamite that you could buy from that kuya in the nearby kanto. This is probably due to its ground pork and cheese filling, in addition to whole green chili.

Cheesy Stuff’s Dynamites: 5/5 stars

I must reiterate – I myself am not a fan of throat-searing food. But there are times when I enjoy such, and I decided to take this risk. I am glad that I did!

Cheesy Stuff’s Dynamites did not disappoint at all. The green chili had that kick that I was looking for from the Hungarian sausage sandwich that I earlier ate. The tongue-burning sensation is matched by the creamy cheese. Also, the generous amount of ground pork completed the overall gastronomic experience. This is just perfect.

Best of Vietnamese Cuisine at Viet Taste

Viet Taste
Savor the flavor of our neighboring country’s cuisine with Viet Taste.

For my last bite, I decided to head over to Viet Taste. I really like Pho, so when I saw this Vietnamese food stall, I cannot help myself but visit it. The owners of the stall seem to be Vietnamese, so I think that the food they are offering are genuine to the taste. They had Pho (of course), Mi Xao (Fried Noodles), Banh Mi (sandwich), and Spring Rolls (either fresh or fried). Since I was already kind of full, I opted to have some Fried Spring Rolls instead of a bowl of Pho.

Viet Taste's Fried Spring Rolls
Viet Taste’s Fried Spring Rolls: 3.5/5 stars

The dish came with a vinegar dip. However, it seemed as if the dip overpowered the taste of the spring rolls. Hence, I stopped dunking my spring rolls in the vinegar towards the end.

The food was somehow salty, and the traditional, authentic Vietnamese taste I was yearning for was faint. I can hardly distinguish it all! It still tasted good though, just that I found it lacking.

Mango Madness at Mango Float Supreme Manila

Mango Float Supreme Manila
Ladies and gents, the blockbuster hit – Mango Float Supreme Manila.

Finally, it is time for me to judge the beverage that took Metro Manila by storm. Of course, I bought the bestseller Mango Float Supreme Manila product – the Mango Float Extreme.

Mango Float Extreme
Mango Float Extreme: 4/5 stars

The drink is basically mango juice a la mode. It is made of pure, signature mango juice with black pearl sinkers, topped with milky vanilla soft serve and mango cubes. It was indeed sweet, even with 25% sugar. Now that is some legitimate mango! However, I felt that the taste was a bit basic. It was as if I was having a déjà vu of the time when I had myself a glass of mango juice I bought from the supermarket. Nevertheless, the beverage was refreshing, and truly feels like summer.

But if you ask me whether or not I will fall in line for an hour or more for this, I would say that it is not worth it. It just did not live up to the hype for me. I would rather spend my time buying food where I would not be waiting for too long. Such an impatient boy that I am!

So, if you find yourself shopping in SM Megamall on a weekend, you should try walking to Mayflower Parking Lot, Greenfield District. They have lots of good food – and music too, when the sun sets! Bring your friends with you, and chill while enjoying the various treats that this food park can offer.

Just do not set your expectations too high for Mango Float Supreme Manila, or else, you will somehow be disappointed like me. Just remember to enjoy all the good food. Happy eating!


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