Coffee-stained cozy: A chill-out at ‘Single Origin’

When you have friends who are studying medicine, hanging out with them is definitely going to be tricky. With their toxic schedules and all, it will absolutely be difficult to fit yourself somewhere in their timetable. That’s why when my friends invited me for an impromptu chill-out one Monday after work, I immediately said “yes” despite me being miles away from them (south kid problems).

To compromise, we decided to meet halfway, and that’s in Makati. Fortunately, there’s a point-to-point bus I can ride, and it dropped me off at Greenbelt.

My friend wanted to go to a café. However, coffee shops in Greenbelt are notorious to be jam-packed with people like all the time! With my good friend, Zomato, I found this unique place, Single Origin, and we all agreed to try it out.

Dining in sepia.

Single Origin is one café that stands out among the rest. Well, it is not your ordinary coffee house. Aside from its single-origin coffee that its name proudly boasts off, Single Origin offers a variety of Euro-American comfort food, and a wide range of drinks – from caffeine-based to those that will go down with you through the night.

The place undoubtedly emanates a rustic ambiance. With its coffee-colored brick wall, wooden wine shelves, and dim, warm, dangling lights, it truly gives you the chill vibe – perfect for the titos and titas of Manila that we are slowly becoming! Ha-ha.

Sadly, my friends were running late, and my stomach was already grumbling in complaint. Hence, I decided to order some munchies to start my Single Origin experience.

Bacon Basket: 4 over 5 stars| Price: Php 195 | Good for: 1-3 titos/titas

To kick off the night, I had their Bacon Basket – strips of crispy pork glazed in barbecue sauce, and served on a wooden slab (not in a basket) with garlic aioli dip. I loved the crispy pork strips. They indeed were not the usual bacon that you find inside freezers in the supermarket. I think it would be a perfect booze match. Unfortunately, I was not there for the alcohol.

For my main, I ordered a Bleu Burger. The almost-an-inch-thick patty was made of Wagyu beef, and was topped with melted bleu cheese and caramelized onions. The beef patty was really satisfying, and the bleu cheese complemented it very well. I am not a big fan of onions, but I liked the caramelized ones that came with the burger.

Bleu Burger: 4 over 5 stars | Price: Php 395 | Good for: 1 + 2 other friends who want the fries

Served together with the Bleu Burger were some Truffle Fries. Tossed in truffle oil, these crunchy, finger-like potato slices were served with parmesan and fried garlic bits. Contrary to how I feel about onions, truffle, parmesan and garlic are my faves. However, I did not like these Truffle Fries. They were overcooked, and tasted mostly bitter and salty! I would prefer the parmesan truffle shake-shake fries over this.

Anyway, as my sweet ending, I had a Salted Caramel Milkshake. Of all that I ordered for that night, this was probably my number one favorite. It is just perfect! Other salted caramel drinks seem to be trying hard, but this begs to disagree. The saltiness and sweetness of the caramel were well-blended, and did not compete with each other. I would definitely come back for this.

Salted Caramel Milkshake: 5 over 5 stars | Price: Php 280 | Good for: 1 sweet tooth

Meanwhile, my friends ordered for Steak and Eggs, and White Truffle Pasta, and I had the chance to taste them. The rib-eye steak was savory and soft. I even felt it was better off without its dip. The truffle pasta was okay as well, but I thought that it was nothing beyond ordinary.

In a sea teeming with fish, Single Origin may seem to be at a disadvantage, but I tell you it is not. Its industrial interiors, and vast selection of food and drinks make it stand apart from the rest.

The titos and tita of #TeamB.

With its cozy aura, I would absolutely recommend Single Origin if you just want to catch up with your friends for old time’s sake. It is also perfect for any time of the day – be it to enjoy a continental breakfast, or spend a wine night.

Lastly, with their four-page menu, you would surely not run out of something to try. I am very much looking forward to coming back to taste more of their food and drinks. See you soon, Single Origin!


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