Yay for sushi, nay for sweets: A dinner in ‘Omakase’

Who doesn’t love sushi? This delicacy is probably Japan’s most precious gift to humankind. It is both an awesome art and a delectable food. How rice is rolled perfectly into a delicate masterpiece – it truly astounds me! Sushi definitely is not only food for the stomach, but also for the eyes.

Fortunately,I was able to dine in what I may call as sushi paradise – Omakase.

Omakase‘s ambience lets its customers dine in peace,

Situated in the heart of Molito Commercial Complex, Alabang, Omakase is a Japanese restaurant that truly gives out the authentic Nihonggo vibe. With its dim and warm lights, and earthen interior colors, the restaurant sets you for a zen-ish dining mood.

Omakase boasts of its wide selection of mouthwatering Japanese food – from, of course, sushi, to maki, tempura, ramen, and more.Yeah, name something of the Japanese cuisine, this restaurant has it! How about that?

The Food

I came here for the sushi (do you really think otherwise?), but of course, I decided to have some appetizers first to kick off my Japanese dinner.


4 over 5 stars | Price: Php 230 | Good for: 4-8 starving stomachs.

Omakase’s take on the well-known Japanese pancake took some time to be served! Yet, the waiting time is truly worth it. Topped with cabbage, crabstick, pork and bonito flakes,the okonomiyaki undoubtedly hushes down one’s grumbling stomach. With this, I felt that it is too heavy for an appetizer. It will actually pass for a main course, I think. Anyway, I loved its tastiness. Yay!

Seaweed Salad

Seaweed Salad
4 over 5 stars | Price: Php 190 | Good for: 1-3 seaweed-and-non-seaweed lovers

I am not a big fan of seaweed. But since the okonomiyaki’s serving time was quite lengthy, I chose to have a bowl of greens; and Seaweed Salad is what I picked.

I am glad that I didn’t turn it down. The shredded seaweed drenched in vinaigrette sauce proved to be good. It didn’t have that fishiness that I often disliked about seaweed. This may have even made me fall in love with seaweed, even for the tiniest bit.

Moriawase Nigiri

Moriawase Nigiri
5 over 5 stars | Price: Php 370 | Good for: 2 sushi fanatics.

Now, we get down to business – sushi! First off, I had one order of Moriawase Nigiri which is actually a serving of assorted nigiri (2 of each kind). I must say, all of them were yummy! Every pick by my chopsticks is a manna from heaven. Omakase truly lived to my expectations with this.

COA Platter

COA Platter
4 over 5 stars | Price: Php 630 | Good for: 5-10 still hungry persons.

Since my previous sushi selection was not enough to completely satiate my craving, I had one more order of sushi, this time the COA Platter, the initialism standing for California Maki, Omakase Roll, and American Dream. Well, what could go wrong with California Maki, right? It’s like the cliché of sushis. Ha-ha!

I was actually surprised when the plate was served. There’s just too much – ten of each kind! How on earth will I be able to consume them all?

The California Maki was especially good, though. However, I failed to finish the entire plate as all the rice was already taking its toll on my stomach. Sad.

Green Tea Ice Cream

Green Tea Ice Cream
3 over 5 stars | Price: Php 90 | Good for: 1-2 persons who don’t expect too much.

Although my stomach was already complaining due to being overfilled to the brim, I luckily still have plenty of room in my dessert stomach. Hence, I opted to end my dinner with a bowl of Green Tea Ice Cream, and let the green tea craze consume me once and for all!

Sadly, it didn’t. The ice cream tasted like typical green tea. I actually liked Yellow Cab’s version of this infamous flavor more. Omakase’s ice cream was even thin, and I hate such. This is definitely not something I would recommend.

Blueberry Fruit Shake

Blueberry Fruit Shake
4 over 5 stars | Price: Php 105 | Good for: 1 blueberry fanboy.

Before I forget, let me share with you my beverage – Blueberry Fruit Shake. Being the blueberry worshipper that I am, I immediately ordered this the moment I read it on the menu. Well, it’s good, but it failed to live up to my expectations. I’ve tasted a number of better blueberry concoctions in my lifetime than this.

Though you can really taste the blueberry fruitiness, I felt that the shake was too thin, similar to Omakase’s green tea ice cream. Perhaps, it’s because it’s only a fruit shake, and not a milk shake.If that’s the case, then I must say that milkshakes are definitely way better than the former.

Molito Commercial Complex
Omakase is just one of the many food options in Molito Commercial Complex, Alabang.

So there you have it. If one night you find yourself craving for some sushi, Omakase is undeniably the place to go. If you’re a kid from the north, fear not! The restaurant has outlets in the cities of Quezon and San Juan as well.

Omakase doesn’t run out of Japanese food to silence your protesting stomach. For sushi alone, it has dedicated two full pages on its menu. Just be mindful about the serving size – it’s definitely big. Thus, every peso spent in Omakase is worth it, as proven by my experience.

But if you’re up for dessert, there are many other better options, especially if you’re visiting the branch in Molito. Just take a stroll around, and enjoy all the options that the commercial-slash-food complex has to offer. Gambatte, ne! And itadakimasu!

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