One-on-one: A ‘Starbucks PH Cream Frappuccinos’ review

Milk Tea Panna Cotta or Pistachio Bon Bon? Who do you think is the better half of Starbucks PH’s cream frappuccinos?


Simba rules: A ‘Lion King’ musical review

‘Lion King’ rules musical theatre in terms of creativity, imagination and visual appeal. Armed with a great company and some goosebumps-inducing songs, the musical ends its Manila run tonight after a handful of season extensions due to popular demand. 4.32/5.

Black Magic: A ‘Black Panther’ film review

Black Panther is a superhero film that captivates with its compelling story. Complemented by its neo-traditional wardrobe and sets, heart-pumping sequences, epic-tribal soundtrack, and well-performing cast, this movie is undeniably one of the greatest in its genre. 4.47/5.